die Bayerische: Becoming a national powerhouse by using digital solutions and smart online marketing


The company history of “die Bayerische” goes back more than 100 years. The traditionally rather regional provider of various insurance solutions has achieved a top position in the Internet business by consistently entering the online world. In the meantime, the majority of the product landscape is available online – for direct sales and as a digital tool for brokers and field staff. sum.cumo Sapiens has developed the necessary front-end solutions for this and taken over responsibility for online marketing.


  • The company history of die Bayerische is more than 100 years old, but a recent move to the online sector has made this company a digital star in the national insurance market.
  • Almost all products are now availably for online purchase – using tools for direct sales as well as by providing digital solutions to brokers and tied agents.
  • We have build all frontend solutions for this client and are charged with operating all online marketing efforts.