Embedded Insurance: Unlocking Un-tapped Potential

Embedded insurance is offering a revolution in volumes and customer experience as 60% would buy warranties at POS or Online Checkout.

Embedded Insurance may not be a new concept but for insurers it is a world of un-tapped potential. For example, product protection sales see a 300% increase when an embedded insurance product is added. And, up to 50% of customers would add insurance to their basket at POS.

Embedded insurance is increasing consumer confidence with products protected, while insurers are leveraging the dynamic opportunities automation and experience online and offline retailers offer. The concept of embedded insurance is spreading into all walks of life, from home buying to motor protections and far beyond.

Our white paper delves into the vast opportunities at play here, from an insurer and retailer standpoint. It outlines how getting the technology right means revenue growth and innovative new channels to sell a range of insurance products. Packed with statistics, practical information and superb new case studies, Sapiens breaks down the perfect recipe for simplifying insurance through automation, leveraging this hugely important business line – and outlining the six critical ways our industry can prepare for the future.

Download the report

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