„Never Lose“: A Digital Transformation

The Client | Anadolu Sigorta

For Turkish insurer Anadolu Sigorta, “Never Lose” was the founding principle that drove them to become one of Turkey’s Top 10 most valuable business brands across multiple industries, with 1,500 employees, 110 brokers and partners, 2,500 agents and more than three million consumers.

For Anadolu, “Never Lose” represents a commitment to being a leading insurance carrier for customers, brokers and partners, and to make insurance affordable and accessible in one of the most underinsured regions of the world.

The Challenge

Anadolu was experiencing demand from consumers for a faster service across all channels, which accelerated during the pandemic. Their existing platform relied heavily on customization and coding, making simultaneous product launches and workstreams challenging. Anadolu’s complex web- services limited their ability to engage with partners to improve distribution and customer service. Anadolu needed to consolidate its employees, bank branches, agents and brokers into a new data processing network through an online, real-time, state-of-the-art system in a hosted environment.

The “Never Lose” commitment was planted and fertilized, and competitive positioning was the growth plan.

The Solution

It was only natural that a company fueled by a “Never Lose” philosophy would pair up with a provider that powers insurers through digital transformation – Sapiens. With 40 years of industry expertise serving more than 600 customers in 30 countries, Sapiens offers a pre-integrated, low-code platform and a cloud-first approach.

Sapiens IDITSuite for Property and Casualty was the solution Anadolu selected to carry out their “Never Lose” plan. Sapiens flagship platform for global insurers, IDITSuite is a cloud-first, component- based, end-to-end software solution that offers policy, billing and claims software.

“Every digital transformation tells a story – about the challenges of streamlining and accelerating customer journeys. The transformation of Anadolu’s processes is an inspiring story about impact – on our company and the nation we proudly serve. Also remarkable is the fact that it took place remotely during the pandemic, with minimal business interruption.”

Mehmet Abaci, CIO, Deputy Chief Executive, Anadolu Sigorta

The Results

Using Sapiens solution, coupled with its industry expertise, Anadolu managed to shorten time to market and improve customer experience and journey across multiple channels.

The modularity of Sapiens IDITSuite has been a crucial factor in the success of Anadolu’s transformation project. The ability to go live gradually with multiple lines of business and smoothly migrate millions of customer contacts without any disruption to day-to-day operations empowered Anadolu to continue business as usual, while upgrading its digital readiness. The go-live enabled Anadolu to become a more integrated and agile insurer, by improving business results and complying with the strict Turkish regulatory environment.

The almost doubling of Anadolu’s digital reach also enabled new point-of-purchase insurance products with telcos and a targeted program that make insurance easier to buy for consumers via the innovative Juno 100% digital brand. Juno is an application-based insurance quote-buy service aimed largely at first-time insurance buyers, which has an addressable market of some 19 million consumers mostly in the 18 to 35-year-old category. Juno had 25,000 downloads in the first months after soft-launch and provides access to additional insurance coverage such as pet and health insurance.

Integrating Sapiens IDITSuite powered Anadolu with:

  • 13 new products delivered in 18 months
  • 1.5 million additional new customer policies, as of Oct. 2021
  • A 33% increase in external APIs harnessing the insurtech ecosystem
  • A reduction of time-to-market for new product launches by an average of 75% – including the first Turkish 100% automated quote/buy/claim travel product and the nation’s first 100% automated parametric insurance product

In summary, the transformation addressed critical business themes:

  • Where and how to add AI driven processes into Anadolu’s data, analytics and digital services to improve customer service
  • How to make use of their insurance ecosystem for partners, agents and customers
  • How to embrace and adjust Anadolu’s omnichannel distribution of existing and new products and make them even more accessible to consumers

Societal Impact

Anadolu has always played a critical role in the economic development of Turkey. Its digital transformation has had a significant impact on the society at large and has set an example for other Turkish insurers. Anadolu’s core system transforms the customer experience for 12,000 system users and four million consumers. By making insurance affordable and easier to access, Anadolu has alleviated widespread under-insurance in Turkey, where only 57% of residences are covered by compulsory earthquake home insurance (fire), and even less covered by non-compulsory coverages. Anadolu’s societal impact demonstrates how the digitization of insurance reduces prices and offers equal access to coverage.

About Sapiens

Sapiens empowers insurers and financial markets with digital software solutions and services. With 40 years of experience and 600 global customers, Sapiens has a proven ability to satisfy customers’ core, data and digital requirements.

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