nexible: Motor insurance with a high focus on customers, automation and internationality.


A long-standing and trustful partnership connects us with nexible GmbH. nexible was founded as a subsidiary of ERGO 2017 in Düsseldorf and is located only a few kilometres away from our own offices. The common understanding of developing digital products for the insurance market as anInsurTech has always connected us. Car insurance should finally be given a new, digital and innovative face and make the possibilities of digitalisation accessible to customers – without any frills, but with technological persuasion.

In cross-company agile teams, our developers work together with nexible experts to create solutions for digital car insurance products in Germany and Austria. The fact that a large number of car drivers* have already been convinced by nexible shows: we are fast, innovative and hit the nerve of the time. With the positioning as a digital and flexible insurer, especially digital-savvy customers are addressed and convinced. The market entry in Austria was quick.

Thanks to the rapid scaling and expansion of our SCIP platform (“sum.cumo Insurance Platform”), the application could be adapted precisely to local requirements and special features. The initial go live package was already completed at the end of 2018. This enabled us to learn a lot from and about each other, intensifying our cooperation and strengthening our relationship within our development partnership. In order to keep up the speed, we are working on our tech stack in a cross-tool manner, bringing our know-how in the area of automation and digital solutions for the front and back end into the strategic work. The extension of our GraphQL interfaces enables us to connect new services with our existing data system in a perfectly fitting way. We have already integrated a large number of external partners into the technical processes and have a fully digital claims reporting system.

The SCIP platform is now used by insurers and underwriters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It enables a high degree of back-office automation, supports modern front-ends and is consistently based on Internet technologies and architecture models. Internal data on customers, contracts, products, claims or sales partners are available in real time. It is also possible to integrate external data sources into the system as required.


  • nexible is a sucessful corporate startup of ERGO Digital Ventures in Germany.
  • nexible is currently scaling up its motor insurance introduced in 2016.
  • nexible gains customers through online sales channels within Germany and Austria.
  • High degree of automation along the whole value chain including fully digital communication with the customers.
  • sum.cumo Sapiens has been assisting nexible as its exclusive partner for technology since 2016.

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