Patrick Nobbs – Interview with Finance Fintech News

Patrick Nobbs, Marketing Director for EMEA & AMEC, recently spoke in an interview with Fintech Finance News about key future issues for the insurance industry and how Sapiens can help companies best address them.   

Cloud technologies and AI will shape the economy. 

The future is digital! However, digital does not automatically mean efficient. Cloud technologies help companies store data securely and use software as a service to analyze it in a targeted way and customize their products. But not all tech giants have jumped on the bandwagon yet and converted their legacy systems.  

Especially in terms of speed of delivery, there has been a transformation in recent years.  

With Sapiens’ expertise, we are making the insurance industry cloud ready. To do that, it’s important to always be one step ahead and to be at the front of the wave and to know about the latest developments and be able to react. 

One of these developments has now reached the masses of society. We are talking about AI solutions. AI can make work more efficient, better interpret data, target products, and thus increase sales. 

By combining AI and the cloud, processes can be optimized in real time.  

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