SCIP 12 Release: What’s new?

In recent weeks, in SCIP product development we have focused on maintenance, in particular various end-of-life updates. With the latest release, we have brought our deployed core technologies up to date and continue to meet the standards in terms of stability and security.

New improvements in SCIP 12:

  • EOL updates: Node.js and Ruby
  • Expansion of product configuration and Journey Creator
  • Expansion of configurable contract duration
  • Enhancements for employee application lines
  • Added user management for risk carrier employees (with limited access rights) in the backoffice.
  • The registration process for policyholders has been enhanced with the ability to register additional “insured persons” in a customer portal.

In addition, we have also been able to extend the range of features of SCIP:

  • We have integrated ZÜRS and automatic address entry into SCIP: When entering address data in the application form, address suggestions are now generated automatically. This means that ZÜRS zones can now also be mapped, which is important for home insurance. With this new feature, we have also been able to further improve the UX of SCIP, as users now do not always have to enter their address in full.
  • We also conducted a user safari to help us improve SCIP through user research. Learn more

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