SCIP Maker Day 2022: Gathering of the SCIP Community

On June 23, 2022, sum.cumo Sapiens held its second SCIP Maker Day. We welcomed important customers and crew members of the SCIP community in our Hamburg office to expand the further development of the core product SCIP.

The agenda included various workshops and keynote speeches, followed by a varied evening program on our roof terrace. At the second on-site event in Hamburg, topics such as the UX of the pricing editor, Ranger tooling and design thinking were extensively presented after a brief welcome.

Way ahead

We look back at the last SCIP Maker Day with the contributors and get an insight into the complexity of SCIP. The functionalities and collaboration between Energon and the project teams were presented in detail.

Another highlight of the event: “We build an insurance product in 4 hours”! Here, our guests were allowed to form several teams and apply the knowledge they had learned in the workshops using fictitious scenarios and products. Imagination was required! The insurance situations took place on Mars or in Atlantis, among others. A winning team with the best product was also chosen.

BBQ & Drinks

After an extensive exchange and detailed workshops, the successful event was concluded in the evening with games, BBQ & drinks on our roof terrace in the Hamburg office. Here, our guests were able to end the productive evening in a relaxed atmosphere and exchange the information they had gathered.

About SCIP

The sum.cumo Insurance Platform (SCIP) is a good example of what technology makes possible today and the role it plays in the success of a company. As a web-based platform with a complete API and separation of back-end and front-end, SCIP offers maximum flexibility and individuality that can be tailored to the products, offers and services of each insurance company in a target group-specific manner. While SCIP Core covers all basic processes of policy management, SCIP Sales is the solution for portal solutions ranging from deal lines to customer and partner portals with extensive self-service capabilities.

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