verias24: Innovative online solution for situative insurance products.


The ias group of companies has been on an expansive course since its foundation in 1987. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance & brokerage business, they are one of the leading companies on the European market and offer with the digital platform for situational end customer products.

In addition to online marketing, modern customer accounts, an innovative product landscape and acquisition routes as well as the constant expansion of the product range are among the challenges that we have been able to meet for years.


  • Using our insurance core suite „SCIP“, verias was able to launch a range of innovative situative insurance products.
  • All products are available for online purchase and can also be resold via brokers or other sales channels.
  • All products are easily purchasable on mobile phones – an important requirement in the situative world of mobility solutions.
  • sum.cumo Sapiens has also created all frontend aspects of the online platform, ranging from a revamped corporate identity to the creation of all new interfaces.