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DigitalSuite Modules

Old school portals aren’t enough for your e-commerce savvy customers. Take the step toward improved “every channel” engagement and conversational messaging. The modules of DigitalSuite will help you to do so:

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Sapiens DigitalSuite. Orchestrate your digital, your way.

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Low-code Tools for Business Users

Break the shackles of legacy technology and gain speed-to-market with drag-and-drop and easy configuration. With our modern, cloud-native technology, and low-code/no-code tools you can allow insureds to make changes to their policies, agents to make payments on their insureds behalf and integrate different journeys with Sapiens dynamic portals or your existing ones.

Connect With Ease Across Any System

Integrate and connect legacy, core and third party systems effortlessly using our API Conductor (ACE)


Sapiens’ digital solutions have provided MMSV with the business insights and capabilities we need to rapidly scale up our activities, simplify our legacy program and offer customers the best possible service in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Luciano Anastasi, CIO

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Sapiens’ digital capabilities and roadmap enable us to meet our business goals and ensure we are prepared for the future. Sapiens’ innovative ecosystem provides us with the technology refresh to grow our business, enhance existing services and add new ones.

Matt Payne, CIO

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Consultative Packages for DigitalSuite

Sapiens Digital Insurance Practice offers you a set of consultative packages to help you develop a coherent digital strategy that is aligned with your business needs and objectives.

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